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College Costs:

When in the process of searching for the right college/university, there are a number of things of which to be aware.  Among those are the costs of attending any given school. One must be aware of the tuition cost, of course, however fees and other charges which the school imposes on an entering and/or  continuing student must also check out before making a commitment to enroll.

We have seen that some schools load the fee structure with charges that make it appear that they are covering a lower tuition rate with other costs that more than make up for a relatively low tuition.

One realtime example  is outlined below:

Description of charge
Residence Hall fees
Meal plan
Student Activity fee
Student Senate fee
Parking fee
Computer fee
Records fee
Buildings and grounds upkeep

Our point is that you need to be aware of your costs before entering any school. Finding out what you may be liable for at a later date may be too late.

                                                                                                                        July 3, 2012

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Online College Courses:

How to learn something for nothing
(from New York Times, April 14, 2010, Education Section)

Using the internet as an educational tool is not new but it has been refined over the years. Typical users are college  students who would benefit from extra help while making their way through  a course where the  subject matter is difficult or unfamiliar. It can be like having a personal tutor along for the ride. Most courses are free, self paced and not for credit.

A young man named Richard Ludlow started “Academic Earth” ( in 2009 after MIT’s Open Courseware helped him pass linear algebra as a Yale undergraduate. offers courses from 10 universities  with130 full courses and over 3500 video lectures.

Other similar web sites are :

-Carnegie Mellon open learning initiative (
-Open /Courseware Consortium (
(see also “opencourseware”) represents 250 universities around the world
Offering13,000 classes in different languages.
-itunes U at the itunes store
-Khan Academy

Google any of the websites mentioned in this article and it will lead you to unimagined treasures.

                                                                                                            July 5, 2012

Interested in a Career in Health Care?
Look into the Indian Health Service (IHS) Scholarship Program:

The mission of the Indian Health Service is to raise the physical, mental, social and spiritual health of American Indians and Alaskan Natives to the highest level. Because of the IHS Scholarship Program, many qualified American Indians and Alaskan Natives health professionals are given the opportunity to pursue their careers as well as help their own communities.

“The IHS Scholarship Program provides financial assistance to American Indians/Alaskan Natives students in health professional education programs. Scholarships are awarded to qualifies students at the preparatory pre-graduate and professional levels. For fiscal year 2008, IHS awarded 337 scholarships comprising 50 preparatory, 46 pre-graduate and 240 professional scholarship awards with an average award of $47,114.”

“IHS also hires Native/Non-Native American interns who are referred to as ‘externs’. One position available every summer at area offices is the Engineering Externship. Participants are paid according to the GS pay grade system, which is beneficial to college students. Their GS level is determined according to credit hours acquired from an accredited college.”

On the Indian Health Service web site you’ll find “437 faces” which tells the stories of HIS scholars and Loan Repayment Programs (LRP) recipients who have made a lasting impact on the health of Indians and Alaskan Native communities.

The Scholarship Handbook details the various medical disciplines eligible for scholarships. There is also information about eligibility,  service obligations and number of years of funding. For health professionals, for example, years of funding can be up to 4 with one year of service per year of support received (minimum of 2 years).

Additional perks:
-opportunities for health professional students to apply for externships
-job opportunities in your field to complete your service obligation as well as future
career choices.
-the chance to build relationships ion the health care profession (particularly in the
Indian Health care community).

IHS Scholarship Program
801 Thompson Ave., Suite 120
Rockville, MD 20852
Phone: 301-443-6197
Fax: 301-443-6048

(source for this Article:                                                                                                                              (7-7-12)

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